Spain Misses The Last Shot, Victory Goes to Germany, Both of then to EHF Euro

Spain and Germany did a great job yesterday, qualifying for the european handball championship, so today’s match between the two teams didn’t have too special meaning. This allowed both teams to play more relaxed than usually, making some mistakes they didn’t make in the previous matches. Spain was in control for the first 45 minutes of the match, but the better form in the final quarter of the match gave Germany the win (30-29).
The beginning of the match was totally equal, with both teams changing in the lead in the opening ten minutes. Spain was the team that first led with two goals (7-5, 11. minute), later increasing the lead to three goals (9-6), thanks to the right back Mbengue Rodriguez, who played excellent in the first half.
Germany finally got back in the game in the last ten minutes of the first half, drawing the result 11-11, few minutes later it was 13-13, before Spanish players scored two more goals and went to break with a two goal lead (15-13).

Germans played much better at the start of the second half, scoring three goals in a row and taking a 16-15 lead.
Spain raised the level and again took control, leading 24-22 and 25-23, but it was obvious that this …

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Sweden Didn’t Have Mercy For The Host Team

The home crowd at the W17 EHF Euro Macedonia didn’t have any reason to be cheerful at the first game for their team because Macedonian handball team lost against Sweden with 32-16 (14-11).

They were equal opponent only for 20 minutes, when the result still was tied at 8-8. But then Sweden made the first breakthrough in this match scoring 6 and conceding only one goal. Still, Macedonian girls managed to make things better until the halftime and bring the result to 14-11.

The first ten minutes of the second half were just an introduction of the Swedish incredible run that happened from 40th to 55th minute. They managed to keep their sheet clean scoring 9 consecutive goals and that brought them to a lead of 28-14. The final 32-16 was the biggest difference of the match.

Stankiewicz and Flodman scored 5 goals each for the winning team, while Gichevska and Velkova combined 4 each.


“We are glad to win the first match of this championship. We had some control matches in the last two weeks with teams from Sweden, but it is not the same. It is always more difficult when you face with new style of playing, and new opponent. It was nervous first half, …

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Slovenia Finishes in Top-5, Beating Exhausted Croatians

Slovenia was better prepared and had more energy to overcame Croatia and win the 5th place at the european handball championship. In the neighbors derby Slovenians won 24-22 showing persistence and character.

The match was tough at the start, goals were difficult to score, and defenses were strong at the both sides. Slovenia was the first to make a difference with more than one goal (8-6) and even though Croatia came back from that, Slovenians still were leading by two goals at the break, 11-9.

Croatia managed to come back and make it anyone’s game, but soon the lack of energy in their team was obvious. In the final minutes Slovenia kept the aggression in their defense, and stopped every move of their opponent. That was the recеpie for a comfortable lead by 3 in the dying minutes, 24-21, ant the path to the victory. Interestingly, this match drew bettors’ attention, as it received the highest number of bets in the championship. Online casinos were very included as a bookmaker option because a great deal of them offered packages of free betting picks and online poker bonuses of $100 for a minimum deposit of $25. Not a typical situation in the online betting industry that would’ve been a pity to miss.…

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Hungary took the bronze over Romania

Hungary Took The Bronze Over Romania

Hungarians are the bronze girls from the European handball championship! In the 3rd place match they made incredible effort winning 34-31 over Romania in a big manner.

Romanians looked better in the first half, showing more diversity in their game, and finally, they went on a break with 19-17 advantage.

Their lead even grew bigger at the start of the second half when they had 22-18, but no one could guess that this would be their last one.

Hungary started playing better and scoring easier. They had a 5-0 run to overtake the lead 23-22 with 17 minutes left on the clock. This effort gave their confidence back, so they built on their advantage. Romania fought, but never managed to come closer than two goals difference.…

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