Spain Misses The Last Shot, Victory Goes to Germany, Both of then to EHF Euro

Spain and Germany did a great job yesterday, qualifying for the european handball championship, so today’s match between the two teams didn’t have too special meaning. This allowed both teams to play more relaxed than usually, making some mistakes they didn’t make in the previous matches. Spain was in control for the first 45 minutes of the match, but the better form in the final quarter of the match gave Germany the win (30-29).
The beginning of the match was totally equal, with both teams changing in the lead in the opening ten minutes. Spain was the team that first led with two goals (7-5, 11. minute), later increasing the lead to three goals (9-6), thanks to the right back Mbengue Rodriguez, who played excellent in the first half.
Germany finally got back in the game in the last ten minutes of the first half, drawing the result 11-11, few minutes later it was 13-13, before Spanish players scored …

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Norway Take 11th Place After Easy Win Over Netherlands

Norway take 11. place after easy win over Netherlands

Both teams lost their most important matches yesterday, missing a ticket for the World championship next year, so today’s match between Netherland nad Norway was played in much more relaxed mood, without any pressure. Norway was by far the better team, winning 39-29 and putting behind the disapointment from yesterday’s loss from Germany.
The Dutch players made too many mistakes at the beginning of the match, allowing Norway to score easy goals from counter attack. That is why Norway was dominating in the first 30 minutes, taking a 3-1 early lead before increasing it. After 5-2, Norway led 10-4 and then vy nine goals in the 17. minute (15-6). Netherlands made a 5-1 run, getting as close as 16-11, before the favourite once again took over and went to break with eight goal lead (21-13).
The second half again broth many goals scored by the both teams, with Netherlands once more getting to “minus five” (26-21) before Norway scored some …

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