Russia Beat Romania and Is Still Undefeated in W17 EHF Euro


Russia maintained undefeated record in W17 EHF Euro Macedonia, gaining their third straight win in group B, this time against Romania with 29-27 (16-11).

Russian girls played excellent in almost all game, not giving any chance to the opponent, who had opportunity to qualify for main round with a win in today’s match. Team in white had big lead (11-5) after only 20 minutes, what was good sign about the outcome of this game. After that, Romanians scored to goals in a row, that boost their hopes a little, but in the next minutes we saw five goals from players from Russia for plus eight (15-7), what was first big step to the win.

Russians controlled the things on court in the second half also, and the only thing that Romanians did was dropping the negative to only one goal for couple of times. But, in the last 10 minutes, their opponents scored three in a row for 29-25 (55th minute), what was the end of all hope for romanian side.

Karina Sabirova with 11 goals was most efficient in winning side, and Sorina Tirca with seven goals was the best player in side of Romania.

Mariana Tirca (coach of Romania)

It was very tough game. We had our chances for win in the second half, but unfortunately for us we didn’t use them. I want to congratulate to Russia and German team for qualifying in main round, and for us, we will try to play good in the rest of the games.

Milana Tazhenova (player of Russia)

We came here to win the gold medal, and to do that we have to win all the games. I’m pleased that we are undefeated after first round. I didn’t expect to be named player of the game, because many other players from our team played good. This was a team win.