Spain Overcame the Netherlands and Qualified for the World Championship 2016

Spain managed to beat the Netherlands with 31-27 and put them selves in the Top-10 teams of the W17 EHF Euro Macedonia. The stakes were high enough, so the teams were playing aggressive and giving their best, so that is way both of them were changing with the lead.

The match had a lot of ups and downs, but Spain was the first team to make a significant step forward taking the lead by 8-6, coming back from a deficit. Soon things turned around, and the Netherlands pushed forward with five straight goals, making an advantage of 12-9.

Spain managed to tie at 13-13, but there was another offensive wave from the Netherlands, inspired by their keepers, so the result came to 17-13 for the Dutch at the break.

The same rhythm continued in the second half, although the Netherlands managed to keep their lead for more than 15 minutes in the second half. It was 23-19 when Spanish head coach made some changes in the defensive zone, setting it deeper and more aggressive.

That paid off with four goals in a row, and later that lead stretched by 7-1, so the result was 26-24 for Spain. They had the momentum and didn’t let the confused opponent to comeback until the end.

Head coach of Spain, Felix Jenaro:

I am very happy because this was a very important match. We qualified for the World championship! I think this team is playing better and better every day, and I think that the World Championship will be a great opportunity for them to grow more.

Fernandez-Agusti Martinez:

It was difficult in the first half, we were making mistakes, and we were losing a lot of balls. In the second half, we played better, and we managed to win. At the start of this championship, we lost the first matches, so we lost the chance to go higher. But our next goal was to be in the Top-10 and to qualify for the World championship, and we did it.