Spain Shocked Germany and Send Romania in Main Round


Spain mad the biggest upset in W17 EHF Euro Macedonia so far, beating big favorite Germany (29-26) in the last match of preliminary group B, what brought great smile on the faces of players from Romania, team that surprisingly went to the main round as a best in the group of this three national teams that finished the round with two points.

That was unbelievable second half for Spain players, who outscored their opponent with 10-0 in the period from 33rd and 43rd minute of the game. German girls started this period great, with 4-1 streak and solid 18-14 lead, but after that they had catastrophic ten minutes with no goal and with full net behind their goalkeeper.

After that, Spain kept their momentum, played tough defense and smart offense, and the players from this team didn’t break from the pressure that was made by their opponents. German side did everything they could to get back in the game, because they only needed one point to continue in main round, but they didn’t had strength to do that. They had their chances a few times when were down by two goals, but they maid big mistakes in decisive moments. We must say that one of the main reasons for their mistakes was great goalkeeping from Paula Segarra, who was unbelievable on the goal.

First half before was not much different from second, because German took early lead with 3-0, then they had 12-7, but five goals in a row from Spain brought early hint for the excitement that happened after in the game. Ona Pena, Carmen Gallego and Seynabou Mbengue scored five goals each for Spain, and Franziska Peter and Amelie Bayerl scored seven goals each for Germany,

Now, Russia is undisputed in group B with three wins and six points, and all other national teams has two point, but Romania is finishing second because big win against Spain with nine goals difference.

Frank Hamann (coach of Germany)

I’m very disappointed with the final score and with missed oportunity to go in main round. I don’t know what happened, apparently they were well prepared for us. Now we have to forgot everything and to play better. We must try to be in first ten team in W17 EHF Euro to gain visa for World championship.

Carmen Gallego (player of Spain)

We had to gain this first win early in the tournament. I’m happy that we showed that we can play better after first two losses.