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Macedonia will host а big handball event for the sixth time since 2003. After four Junior World Championships and 2008 Women’s European Championship, the youngest W17 EHF EURO will be held in Macedonian capital.

Macedonia is once again the place where the most talented players from Europe for the first time will reveal their handball skills. Chance for the host team to show their best performance in front the home audience and for Macedonian Handball Federation to prove their organizing capacity.

“Handball is No.1 sport in Macedonia and we are doing our best to maintain this trend. The most valuable long-term benefit would be to give a successful example to the young people how to become better persons. We are sure that we can prove once again that Macedonia is a great handball country” says Filip MIloshevski, general secretary of MHF.

– For Macedonian Handball Federation this event will be new great challenge. This is not a first time, but Is Macedonian Handball Federation ready to organize another event of this type?

“Macedonian Handball Federation gives it’s best to show that Macedonia is an excellent host, loyal to the highest sports values. We are aware that there is no place for improvisation, so we entered this organizational phase with professional strategy for hosting this kind of event. Three days before the start of the 2015 Women’s 17 EHF European Championship, on my behalf and on behalf of the Macedonian Handball Federation, I wish all the best of luck in the upcoming matches”, says Miloshevski.

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