Damcevska We are creating a great team spirit

Damcevska: We are Creating a Great Team Spirit

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Damcevska We are creating a great team spirit

One year after the Junior World Championship, Macedonia once again has the privilege to be host of big handball event, this time the U17 Women European Championship. Julija Damcevska (Crvenkoska) is the coach of the host national team. The former player of Kometal Gjorce Petrov and the Macedonian national team has turned into management with young players, and her dedication in the work was the biggest reason why she got the job for this great event.

How different is to be a coach of the national team from being a player?

  • We are talking about two very different roles. It is always a great privilege and responsibility to be a player, but this is also a great challenge for me. It is a big big responsibility knowing that these young players depend on you. The entire team breaths as one, that is what I insist on and I truly believe that it will bring us a good result at the upcoming championship.

Are you satisfied with the preparations so far?

  • We worked very hard during the preparations that were provided by the Macedonian Handball Federation. At first we worked to improve the physical condition of the players, later we improved tactically as a team. There is still lot of work to be done, most of these players play together for the first time, but our job is to create a strong unit. In April we were guests in Montenegro and managed two wins and two draws, getting to the second position. I am certain that Macedonia has good handball future, it is obvious that these young players are developing very well, because they have worked well with their clubs during the previous years.

What is the plan about the final part of the preparations?

We will begin with the final preparations on 20 July, staying in Skopje and training in the “Jane Sandanski” sports arena. We are also planning some control matches that should be arranged soon. I must say that the team spirit is very high, we are doing all that we can to improve it furthermore. I am aware that the European Championship is a very strong tournament with no easy rivals. All the teams will try to win as many matches as they can in august, and we will also be very motivated for good result in front of our fans.

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