Denmark wins thanks to goalkeeper Sorensen

Denmark Wins Thanks to Goalkeeper Sorensen

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Denmark wins thanks to goalkeeper Sorensen

Denmark claimed the first victory at tthe U17 European Championship after winning the interesting match against Hungary with 33-30. The Hungarians had the lead for the bigger part of the game, but Denmart managed to turn the result around thanks to the great goalkeeper Sorensen, who was incredible in the second half.
Both teams looked very sharp in attack, so after just four minutes of play seven goals were scored, with Hungary taking a 4-3 lead. After na 8-5 Hungarian lead, the Denmark team managed to score three goals in a row, promting a Hungarian timeout (8-8, 14. minute). Hungary scored three goals after the timeout and regained a three-goal lead.
Denmark woke up just in time, using the two player advantage after a double suspension in Hungary team to get back in the game. Even though they missed a penalty, the Denmark players stil managed to equal the result before the end of the first half (17-17).
The second half started with great dominance of the Hungarin team, who took a four goal lead in the 36. minuta (22-18). The Danes didn’t surender, but thanks to their reserve goalkeeper Laerke Sorensen finaly got some rhytm in defense. At the other end, they managed to score three goals in a row, coming back in the game. With twelve minutes to go, another fastbreak goal for Denmark got them level the result to 25-25, later even taking a 26-25 lead. Hungarians got into troubles to find a way to the net, even missing a penalty, so Denmark had a to goal lead with eight minutes to go (28-26).
The lead rose to four goals (31-27), and even another hungarian timeout didn’t help to find a way past the great Denmark goalkeeper. At the other end, Danes were playing full with confidence, getting five goal lead. Hungarians played a bit better at the very end, but Denmark took the victory in this match (33-30).

Heine Eriksen (Denmark coach)

This was our first match, thewe are all very young girls, so we didn’t play too good in the first half, especialy in defense. Our new goalkeeper stepped up and helped us get back, giving the team the confidence to win this match. Our primary goal is to be among the 10 best teams, to qualify for the World cup next year, when we achieve this we will start thinking about greater things.

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