Fantastic Hungary Back In The Race For The Main Round


Hungary showed their real quality, wining in a big manner against Norway with 40-29 in the second round in Group D of the W17 EHH Euro.

Norwegian defense was simply powerless against energetic Hungarians who scored easily from every position of the court. They made the first step towards the victory in the early stage of the first half, separating themselves by four goals (9-5). They stretched their lead to 12-7 after 15 minutes, and soon after that had the highest lead of this period, 19-10.

Norway came managed to make up a few goals until the end of the first half, so it was 21-14 before the start of the second. After difficult beginning it was even more difficult for Norway to come back in the second half, so soon they faced a 10 goal deficit, 14-24 in the 38th minute. It was just a formality from here until the end as Hungary controlled the result.

Head coach of Norway, Vigdis Holmeset:

“They scored way too many goals, we played very bad in defense and that is disappointing. We should have been stronger and tackle harder and moving faster. We scored 29 goals and we lost, and that is disappointing.”

Head coach of Hungary, Janos Hajdu:

“Yesterday we played very difficult game against Denmark we didn’t have luck, so today we wanted to win very much because if we haven’t won this one, we would have lost our chances for the Maun round. We played the game step by step, we were good in defense, we had good goalkeeper that was the difference.”

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