First win for Netherlands after excellent game against Portugal

First Win For Netherlands After Excellent Game Against Portugal

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First win for Netherlands after excellent game against Portugal

Great defending, excellent goalkeeping and scoring a lot of easy goals from fast breaks were the main reasons for Netherlands win over Portugal (32-20), in today first match of the second round in group “C” of W17 EHF Euro in Macedonia.

This was first win for girls in orange, after yesterday tight loss against Croatia. Netherlands players were better side from the first until last minute of the game, but the crucial lead were gained in the beginning of second half. They started this period with quick three goals in first 90 seconds for comfortable 16-10, and after two scored opportunities from Portugal, team from Netherlands had five goals in a row for huge 21-12 advantage, whats was sign that this match is over.

Jesse Van de Polder was magnificent on the goal of Netherlands and certainly one of the best in winning side, because she was pronounced for the player of the game in her side. Merel Freriks with eight goals was most eficiant in winning team, and Diana Oliveira with seven goals was first name in Portugal side.

Robert Nijdam (coach of Netherlands):

“I’m happy with the win, because we new that the game against Portugal can go both ways, either we would win big or loss also big, what was the case in preparation period. Fortunate for us, we played very good today, and stayed in the game for second place in the group. Now, we will cheer for Croatia in the game against France, because that’s the only way we could go to second round”.

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