Lakatos: We Wanted The Bronze More!

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Lakatos We wanted the bronze more!

Hungarians showed that the persistence and the hard work can pay off, winning 34-31 in the bronze medal match over Romania in a brilliant second half. Their best player, Rita Lakatos, said that they simply wanted it more.

“I think it was a good game. Romania has a great team, but we wanted the victory more and we fought more at the end, so we won”, said Lakatos at the press conference after the match.

The assistent of head coach Hajdu Janos, Kisegyhazi Atilla admitted that it was very difficult game.

“We are very happy to win this match, it was very difficult one. Romanians are equally good as our team, and both teams worked very hard 60 minutes”, said Kisegyhazi.

Romanian head coach Mariana Tirca, wasn’t happy with the mistakes in the second half, which costed her team the victory.

“This was very equal match, with a lot of ups and downs. Unfortunately we had a lot of turnovers in the second half and Hungary took advantage of that. The conclusion is that we are both two very strong teams, fighting teams. I want to congratulate to the opponent for the victory, but also to my players”, stated Tirca.

The player Daria Bucur promise that her team will get better for the World championship next year.

“Congratulations to Hungary for the medal. It was very hard, we wanted to win, people could see that, but we didn’t manage to do it. We will work hard to be a better team and to make a better result at the World championship next year”, said Bucur.

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