Macedonians Dream of Two Victories in Group Phas

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Macedonians dream of two victories in group phas

Macedonian players are ready for the challenge, to compete with the best U17 national teams at the European Championship that will take place in Skopje from 13 August do 23 August.

“We are ready. We are preparing a long time, physically as well as psychologically. It’s not just me, the entire team can’t wait for the championship to begin” – says Pena Gamatova, the line player of the host country.

She is aware that Sweden as a defending champion is a big favorite in the group, but the Macedonians expect good games and results at the other two games, against Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

“My wish is to get into the Main round. We watched a Sweden game and it is obvious that this is a great team, the defending champion. However, the other two games, against Slovenia and Czech Republic should be different and equal until the end. We need two victories to progress to the next round and we will do our best to get these points. We are not feeling any pressure, but we are very motivated to succeed in front of our fans and families” – says Gamatova.

The host will play against Sweden in the first round, the second rival will be Slovenia, while last group match of the Macedonian team will be against Czech Republic

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