Slovenia Outscored Czech Republic In A Dynamic Clash In Group A

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Slovenia won Czech Republic by 39-33 (21-20) in a very dynamic and efficient opening game in the Group A at the W17 EHF Euro in Macedonia.

Slovenians were considered slight favorites before the match and they started in that manner taking the lead early in the game. It was 3-3 when Slovenia scored five goals in a row making it 8-3 before the 10 minutes mark.

It seemed that they have this game under control, but Czech Republic came out of the beginning shock and started to neutralize opponents’ lead. It took them 10 minutes to tie the result (13-13 in the 19. minute), and another five to take the lead. However, it was just a temporary blast, as the Slovenian started coming back, and finally took the lead by one, until the half time, 21-20.

They built up that lead with a secure start of the second half, spreading the difference to the so far highest five goals, 29-24 in 42nd minute of the match. The Czechs tried to come back, but didn’t have the consistency, so Slovenia even made the victory a big one

The best scorer of the game was Sustkova from Czech Republic scoring 10 times, while Copi and Strnad from Slovenia marked 9 goals each.

Slovenian head coach Milan Ramsak.

“You see, this is the first match of the championship so every of the 16 teams want the victory so badly and that’s way it wasn’t easy. We started well, but then had a little setback in our game. The team of Czech Republic is more experienced in these big games, so they took the lead. But I thing in the second half decided our strength, and our better fitness”.

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